Historien om Rosa i en amerikansk lärobok

Rosa was tired: The story of the Montgomery busboycott

Rosa Paks was a poor seamstress. She lived i Montgomery, Alabama, during the 1950s. In those days it was still segregation in parts of rhe United States. That meant tat African Americans and European Americans were not allowed to use the same public facilities such as restaurants or swimming pools. It also meant that whenever it was crowded on on the city buses the African American had to give up their seats in the front to European Americans and move to the back of the bus.

One day on her way home from work Rosa was tired and sat down in the front of the bus. As the bus got crowded she was asked to give up her seat to a European American, and she refused. The busdriver told her she had to go to the back of the bus, and she still refused to move. It was a hot day, and she was tired and angry and she became very stubborn.

The driver called a policeman who arrested Rosa. When other Afro Americans i Montgomery heard this they became angry to. So they decided to refuse to ride the buses until everyone was allowed to ride  together. They boycotted the buses.

The buycott, wich was lead by Martin Luther King, Jr succeeded. Now African Americans and European American  can ride the buses together i Montgomery. Rosa Parks was a very brave person.

Jämför lärobokstexten med intervjuerna med Rosa stämmer texten med källorna?

Hur förklaras att bussbojkotten startades och hur förklarar man att den lyckades?

Källa: Sam Wineburg et al.  Reading like a Historian, Teaching Literacy in Middle and High School History Classroom. 2011. Min översättning



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